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How to Buy Crypto with Swiss Francs

You can now buy crypto with Swiss Francs on Cabital and our partner platforms.

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At Cabital, we’ve just added the Swiss Franc (CHF) to our list of supported fiat currencies. Now, our users can exchange CHF for crypto assets and vice versa through bank transfers at some of the most competitive rates in the market through our partnership with BCB Group (BCB), one of Europe’s leading providers of business accounts and trading services for the digital asset economy.

According to Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie, Founder and CEO of BCB Group, ”We’re delighted to be working with Cabital, and helping them with payments infrastructure to allow them to incorporate CHF into their offering. We look forward to continue helping Cabital add more payment methods across Europe and beyond as we further build BCB, Europe's leading provider of business accounts and trading services for the digital economy.”

Cabital supports the purchase of top cryptocurrencies with Swiss Francs through local (via Swiss Interbank Clearing, Switzerland’s local central payment system) and SWIFT transfers. With local bank transfer payments available for CHF, you’ll be able to save on high credit card fees when buying crypto, letting you buy more crypto at a lower cost

Start with Depositing CHF via Bank Transfer on Cabital

Select CHF as currency

Step 1: After selecting your Deposit option as Cash, select CHF as your currency

Deposit with Bank transfer

Step 2: Choose Bank Transfer as your Deposit Method. This covers bank transfers via SIC and SWIFT.

Transfer with bank app

Step 3: Transfer CHF to your Cabital account through your bank app. You can tap the copy icons on the right and paste the corresponding IBAN account number and reference code for easy, error-free transfers.

Remember to enter your reference code — it is a transaction match identifier to make sure you receive your funds! We’ll be unable to proceed with your deposit without the right reference code.

If you deposit your funds via SIC, the processing time will be instant. If you choose to deposit via SWIFT, your processing time may take 1-2 working days before the funds are transferred to your Cabital account.

Purchase Crypto with Swiss Francs

Buy crypto with Swiss francs

Once you’ve received your deposit in your account, it’s time to decide on how much crypto you want to buy on the Convert screen. Once you’ve selected your purchase, you’ll be prompted to review the Buy and Sell price and quantity, and once you hit convert, you’ll have crypto in your Cabital wallet!

Invest with Cabital or Transfer to Partner Platforms

Now that you have crypto in your Cabital account, you can choose to allocate some of your funds to invest with Cabital and generate interest on your holdings, earning a high yield on stablecoins like USDT.

Alternatively, if you’re a trader looking to inject more funds into your trading account, Cabital Connect’s off-chain transfer lets you transfer crypto from your Cabital wallet to your partner platform wallet at zero gas fees. 

Cabital supports Bybit as a partner platform to buy and sell crypto, enabling Bybit users to buy and transfer crypt on Bybit via Cabital at competitive rates. 

To find out more about partner platforms and cross-platform transfers, click here.