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Cabital Adds VND to Payment Methods

We’ve added VND to our list of deposit options to make buying and selling crypto effortless.

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Cabital’s list of supported fiat currencies has grown to now include the Vietnamese Dong (VND). The inclusion of VND lets us serve any investors who hold VND to easily buy and sell crypto at attractive rates with faster payments.

Now, our investors can exchange VND for crypto assets and vice versa at some of the most competitive rates in the market.

Investors can enjoy streamlined deposits thanks to ATM bank card deposits that enable Cabital investors to easily convert Vietnamese Dong into crypto such as USDT, BTC or ETH at some of the lowest crypto prices in the industry. Investors who opt to convert their crypto to VND can easily transfer it to a bank account in their name. 

Raymond Hsu, Co-Founder & CEO of Cabital, said:

“Cabital is committed to providing investors with a seamless on-and-off ramp solution to enable easy conversion of fiat money to cryptocurrency and vice versa. Together with PayME, we look forward to adding Vietnam to our list of fiat on-ramp payment options to offer Vietnamese investors a seamless experience on Cabital and our Cabital Connect platform partners.

Cryptocurrency adoption in Vietnam is high, and we see a great strategic opportunity in the space. We’re excited to introduce our services to the Vietnamese community and support the growth of the local blockchain ecosystem.”

Investors can also earn passive income through the Cabital Earn product. Cabital Earn is a crypto savings product for anyone who wants higher returns on their investments while still maintaining flexibility.

Start with Depositing VND via ATM Bank Card on Cabital

Step1: After selecting your Deposit option as Cash, select VND as your currency.

Step2: Choose ATM Card as your Deposit Method.

Step3: Enter your ATM card information and the desired amount you want to deposit. Deposits via ATM card normally arrive instantly.

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