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Cabital Integrates With Plaid For A Seamless User Experience

Plaid offers Cabital users a seamless way to buy crypto with GBP and EUR.

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Plaid offers an easy and straightforward way for you to fund your Cabital account. You can enter the amount of money you want to add on the funding page, select your bank, and confirm the transaction. Previously, our users had to switch between their bank apps and Cabital, manually entering banking information and reference codes in order to deposit using bank transfer. 

There are no deposit fees when you deposit USDT, BTC, or ETH with Cabital using Plaid. Once you have successfully made a deposit, you'll receive a notification from Plaid, which you can easily verify using the payment details from the bank/institution you used in Plaid.

Deposit now with Plaid

Our CEO, Raymond, shares his thoughts around Plaid: “As we continue to create a compliant and trusted digital financial institution where our customers can easily buy, sell and earn cryptocurrency, integrating with Plaid allows us to provide a faster, easier and more initiative user experience. Plaid’s data network enables our customers to connect their financial accounts at over 11,000 financial institutions across the globe and improves user identity verification and reduces fraud.”

How to Deposit Funds via Plaid on Cabital

Deposit crypto with Plaid on Cabital

Step 1: After selecting your Deposit option as Cash, choose Plaid as your Deposit Method

Buy crypto with GBP with Plaid on Cabital

Step 2: Enter your deposit amount, and click Continue to Plaid to proceed to payment

No more tabbing between different apps with Plaid

Step 3: This opens Plaid within Cabital — once you’ve confirmed your payment details, click Continue

Select your bank to authorise the transaction

Step 4: Select your bank from the options on Plaid

Why Can’t I Find My Bank Under the Options on Plaid?

If Plaid doesn’t currently support your chosen financial institution, you can change the deposit method to Bank Transfer and make payment via SEPA or FPS.

As of now, Plaid supports most of the financial institutions within the United Kingdom and some of the ones in France and Germany. 

What is Plaid?

Plaid offers you a seamless solution to log in directly to your bank account to execute a payment safely and conveniently without leaving Cabital.

Plaid is a fintech company that acts as an intermediary between your bank account and the Cabital app. Once you enable Plaid to log in directly with your bank account, it takes the account logins provided, encrypts the financial data requested, and shares it with Cabital over a secure connection. 

Zak Lambert, Plaid’s Product Manager, sees the Plaid integration as enabling people to easily pay and manage their finances online: “Across the world people are embracing digital finance, particularly cryptocurrency, at higher levels than ever before. Companies like Cabital make that transition from traditional finance to cryptocurrency simple. With the help of Plaid’s payments products, Cabital and other fintech companies across Europe can enable people to easily and quickly pay and manage their finances online, however they want.”

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For more information about Plaid, please visit the FAQ.