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WOO X integrates Cabital's widget solution to allow users to buy crypto with local fiat currencies

Cabital, leading digital asset institution, announced a partnership with WOO X, a top digital asset exchange, leveraging Cabital Connect, an easy-to-use on-and-off-ramp widget that allows users to buy cryptocurrency with fiat.

We're live with WOO X, and we're running a joint campaign to celebrate the partnership with our users!

We’re thrilled to announce that Cabital has partnered with WOO X, WOO Network’s primary product offering Centralized Finance (CeFi) trading and staking services! This integration makes it easier than ever for WOO X users to buy USDT with fiat using local bank transfer methods at some of the most competitive rates on the platform, making Cabital the preferred method for fiat on-ramp. 

To celebrate this partnership, we are offering two exclusive promotions for users who buy crypto on WOO X via Cabital 🎉

Promo Event #1

🎁 $WOO token rewards for users who buy crypto with fiat using Cabital on WOO X

What: $WOO tokens to be won (worth 655 $WOO per user) when you purchase USDT with fiat through Cabital using local bank transfer methods. The more fiat you convert to USDT, the more you earn!

Who’s Eligible: New and existing users on WOO X who purchase USDT (deposit fiat and convert to USDT) using Cabital

Rules / Criteria:

  • To qualify, you’ll need to deposit fiat via Cabital on WOO X and convert to USDT. 
  • The amount of $WOO tokens will be distributed based on the tiers in the table below, i.e. if you on-ramp 1500 USDT via Cabital on WOO X, you will receive 30 $WOO tokens.
  • The reward in each tier (in table below) can only be earned one-time per user, i.e. if you on-ramp 300 USDT today, and 400 USDT tomorrow, you will receive 10 $WOO for the 1st transaction, and nothing for the 2nd transaction.You must on-ramp more than 500 USDT next time to get another reward. 
  • Only single transactions that reach or exceed the stated purchase and transfer amount requirements are eligible for the rewards.
  • The reward under each tier may only be earned once per Cabital account successfully registered.

Event Period: 12 Oct to 13 Nov 2022 00:00 UTC

For complete T&Cs, visit WOO X's page here.

Promo Event #2

🎁 0% fee on-ramp for users who buy crypto with fiat on WOO X using Cabital

What: On-ramp using Cabital on WOO X and enjoy zero fees!

Who’s Eligible: New and existing users on WOO X who purchase USDT (deposit fiat and convert to USDT) using Cabital

Reward: 0% fees

  • No fiat deposit fees for BRL, CHF, EUR, GBP
  • No platform or processing fees
  • Free crypto assets transfer using Cabital to WOO X

Event Period: Till 13 Nov 2022

Visit our FAQ here for the T&Cs.

Why use Cabital to buy crypto?

Zero fees. We don’t charge deposit fees with bank transfers, no conversion fees, and transfer fees are free (till 13 Nov) for Cabital transactions on WOO X.

Leading exchange rates. Convert more USDT with our competitive exchange rates (no hidden fees!)

✅ Security. We are fully compliant and our security is top-notch. We keep your assets safe so that you can play the games with confidence.

✅ Best user experience. Fiat on-ramp process happens within the Cabital widget, and onboarding is easy.

About WOO X

WOO X is the platform offering lower to zero trading fees with deep liquidity.

WOO X is the only trading platform with fee-less trading for both spot and futures, staking, and trade-to-earn rebates, where you can earn WOO simply by trading.

  • Zero-fee trading: Simply stake 1800 WOO Tokens on WOO X to enjoy zero trading fees
  • Trade-to-earn: WOO X Stakers can earn rebates on their spot trading. The higher your staking tier, the more you can earn on your trades.
  • Secure: WOO X partners with Fireblocks and other leading institutional custodial technology providers to ensure your funds are safe.
  • Deep liquidity: Since liquidity is integrated from across our vast network, price execution is always best-in-class.

How do I get started?

  1. Register for an account on WOO X or sign in if you already have an account.
  2. Navigate to “Buy Crypto” on WOO X, select the fiat currency, purchase amount, the crypto that you wish to buy (only USDT is supported with WOO X for now), and then select Cabital as the payment service. 
  3. The Cabital widget will open up in a new tab, simply follow the instructions to login or sign up for a new Cabital account. You’ll need to complete KYC verification if you’re signing up.
  4. Connect both your Cabital and WOO X accounts to be able to conduct transactions using Cabital on WOO X. Refer to our FAQ here for help.
  5. Once connection is done, you’ll be able to use the Cabital widget to deposit fiat, convert to USDT, and transfer to WOO X to start trading / staking.