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How to Buy and Sell Crypto in Europe

Read on to learn how to use Cabital to buy crypto with euros.

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You can now buy crypto with euros on Cabital using SEPA transfer, thanks to our partnership with Transactive, a licensed electronic money solution. 

Once your EUR deposit clears, you can buy three leading cryptocurrencies to build out your crypto portfolio: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and the Tether stablecoin (USDT). These will be directly deposited into your Cabital account, so you can start earning interest right away!

So, how do you buy cryptocurrency with Cabital?

Cabital Offers You The Easiest Way to Buy Cryptocurrency

1. Select the + Icon on Cabital’s Home Screen

Step 1: Choose Deposit
Step 1: Choose Deposit

Start the purchasing process by clicking on the Deposit icon, and choose Cash and EUR as the currency.

2. Deposit Cash With Bank Transfer Using SEPA

Step 2: Select Bank Transfer
Step 2: Select Bank Transfer

For now, we only accept EUR transfers via SEPA or SEPA instant. If you’re not in Europe (or you don’t have a supported European bank account), SWIFT is coming soon.

3. Transfer EUR to Your Cabital Account Through Your Bank App

Step 3: Deposit Details
Step 3: Deposit details

Selecting the Bank Transfer option opens up the deposit details to transfer EUR to your Cabital account. To make entering details easy, you can tap the copy icon on the right and paste the corresponding IBAN account number and reference code.

Once you’ve made the SEPA transfer, your funds should arrive in your Cabital account within 1-2 working days.

The name on your bank account must match your Cabital account username. If your bank account name is different from the name you provided during the KYC process, please get in touch with our customer support team at support@cabital.com.

Why Is The Reference Code Important?

Always remember to enter your reference code! It’s a transaction match identifier to ensure you get your funds. Without the correct reference code, we’ll be unable to proceed with your deposit.

How Can I Buy Bitcoin With Cabital?

Now that you’ve added funds to your Cabital account, it’s time to buy cryptocurrency! Besides buying Bitcoin on Cabital, you can also buy Ethereum and USDT, or even diversify your crypto portfolio by investing in all of them. 

There’s no minimum purchase, so you can choose to buy small amounts of Bitcoin as part of your investment strategy.

Getting the Best Rates on Cabital

Usually, finding the best rates involves researching on multiple exchanges and moving your assets accordingly. At Cabital, we’ve designed a system that aggregates and checks rates across numerous exchanges to get our users the best rates without the trouble of trading. 

1. Convert Your EUR Into Crypto

Step 1: Select Currency
Step 1: Select currency

Click the + icon at the bottom of the screen, and select Convert. Here, you can use the euros you’ve deposited to buy crypto. Choose the currency you’re looking to purchase with the dropdown menu, and you’re ready to add some crypto to your portfolio.

The Convert feature also lets you rebalance your portfolio by changing your Bitcoin to USDT or Ethereum, and you can choose to convert your crypto back into euros when you’re ready to withdraw.

2. Confirm the Buy and Sell Price and Quantity

Step 2: Confirm currency conversion
Step 2: Confirm currency conversion

Once you’ve decided how much crypto you want to buy, all that’s left is to review the conversion confirmation and hit convert

And now, with crypto in your Cabital wallet, it’s time to choose a plan and start investing!

How to Withdraw Cash from Cabital

When you’re ready to withdraw your earnings from Cabital, all you have to do is convert your crypto to EUR. Once you’ve converted your crypto to EUR, it’s time to transfer your EUR balance to your bank account using SEPA.

1. Select Withdrawal Currency

Step 1: Choose withdrawal currency

Click the + icon at the bottom of the screen, choose Withdraw, and select EUR as your withdrawal currency.

2. Enter Your Withdrawal Amount

Step 1: Choose withdrawal amount
Step 2: Choose withdrawal amount

In the next screen, choose your withdrawal amount. For euros, the minimum withdrawal amount is 25 EUR. Do take note that there is a small withdrawal fee of 2.50 EUR regardless of the sum.

Next, enter your IBAN details for your receiving bank account that supports SEPA transfer. The receiving bank account must belong to you and the details should match your Cabital account name. 

Once you’ve submitted your withdrawal request, you’ll receive your funds in your bank account via SEPA in 1-2 working days.

If your funds haven’t arrived after two working days, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at support@cabital.com.

Buy, Invest, and Earn Safely with Cabital

With SEPA, we want to make it easier for you to invest in crypto. There are no minimum or maximum deposits, so you can invest at a pace that’s comfortable for you. You’ll also get to save on deposit fees and platform fees, so you don’t have to worry about paying before you start earning. 

At Cabital, you can get leading APY rates without having to take on additional risks by staking platform tokens. Staking platform tokens exposes you to volatile market conditions, and a fall in the value of the token can easily outweigh the promised increase in yield.

Try Cabital today, and add a stream of passive income to your investment portfolio.

Start investing in crypto with SEPA now.

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