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We have a new web portal!

We just launched our new web portal (https://portal.cabital.com/signin), making the user experience more intuitive and accessible even on your mobile device.

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We’re excited to introduce the new and enhanced web portal at https://portal.cabital.com/signin

While our services remain the same, we revamped the layout for improved usability and navigation, making it easier for you to use our services whether you’re using the web browser or on your mobile phone and you don’t have our Cabital app installed (which we highly recommend, as the usability is even better 😉)

With the new and improved layout, you’ll be able to jump straight to the feature/functionality most relevant to you. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell cryptocurrency, exchange one crypto asset to another, or to transfer your crypto assets to a partner’s platform, you’ll know where to go. 

If you’re using Cabital for fiat on/off-ramp on our partners’ platforms (see our list of partners here), the new portal also makes it more intuitive for you to transfer your crypto assets from Cabital to your account on the partner’s platform; and to connect with the other crypto platforms that Cabital has partnered with.

Explore our new web portal today and tell us what you think! https://portal.cabital.com/signin