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WOO X integrates Cabital's widget solution to allow users to buy crypto with local fiat currencies

New partnership allows buying crypto with fiat

During the anniversary celebration, WOO X also announced its partnership with Cabital, and the integration of Cabital Connect. The partnership enables users to buy crypto with fiat using local bank transfer methods and eliminate the costly transaction fees associated with credit cards. A joint campaign was launched by both parties, where customers who use Cabital to purchase USDT on WOO X can stand to earn $WOO token rewards, and enjoy 0% fees when transferring assets to WOO X.

VILNIUS, Lithuania, October 2022 – Cabital, leading digital asset institution, announced a partnership with WOO X, a top digital asset exchange, leveraging Cabital Connect, an easy-to-use on-and-off-ramp widget that allows users to buy cryptocurrency with fiat. 

Cabital Connect is integrated with WOO X via an innovative new widget integration method, which takes the best aspects of on-and-off ramps into a single widget that is easy to implement. The widget solution offers business partners a more efficient way to integrate and maintain the fiat on-and-off ramp platform as it requires fewer resources. Whether it’s an API or a widget integration method, Cabital Connect solution offers a reliable solution that provides a seamless customer experience to end-users.

Through their partnership with Cabital, WOO X customers can purchase cryptocurrency with fiat using local bank transfer methods. Currently customers can deposit EUR, GBP, BRL and CHF and trade on WOO X. This eliminates the costly transaction fees associated with credit cards, by using local payment methods for purchasing cryptocurrencies, which can then be used and combined with WOO X as a near to zero fee trading platform, customers can maximize the value of their trades.

Starting on October 12 at 00:00 UTC, two special promotions will be offered to customers as part of the launch. Customers who use Cabital to purchase USDT on WOO X stand to earn $WOO token rewards, and they also enjoy 0% fees when they transfer the assets to WOO X.

Jack Tan, Co-founder of WOO Network said “The inclusion of Cabital's payment infrastructure is well aligned with our goal of making cryptocurrency easily accessible at zero trading cost. On WOO X, new and current users will now be able to use Brazilian Real, Swiss Franc, Euro, and British pound to purchase cryptocurrency and pay via their bank accounts.”

“Our payments infrastructure offers customers a flexible and low-cost way to plug into the WOO X trading platform, without compromising on security. Ensuring a great experience for users when they enter and exit the cryptocurrency system is core to our mission, and we’re proud to bring the same level of ease to the fiat on-ramp flow for WOO X customers,” said Raymond Hsu, Co-founder & CEO of Cabital.

About Cabital:

Cabital is a trusted digital financial institution to buy, sell, exchange and hold cryptocurrency — enabling users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at leading rates, while ensuring a simple, secure and sensible user experience with best-in-class compliance and risk management.

Cabital has launched a business solution called Cabital Connect, a secure fiat on-ramp and off-ramp gateway for cryptocurrency and Web3 businesses.

When cryptocurrency companies integrate with Cabital Connect, their users will have a high-quality service option to purchase top-tier cryptocurrencies at some of the most competitive rates in the industry. Leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bybit have integrated Cabital’s fiat on-ramp gateway.

Cabital is registered in the Republic of Lithuania as a cryptocurrency exchange operator and a cryptocurrency exchange wallet operator, and our compliance programme is modelled after leading global financial service providers.

About WOO Network

WOO Network is a deep liquidity network connecting traders, exchanges, institutions, and DeFi platforms with democratized access to the best-in-class liquidity, trading execution, and yield generation strategies at lower to zero cost. WOO Network was incubated by Kronos Research, a multi-strategy trading firm that specializes in high-frequency trading (HFT), arbitrage, and CTA, averaging around $5–10 billion of daily trading volume on global cryptocurrency exchanges.


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