What is Cabital Earn?

Cabital Earn is a crypto saving product for everyone who want higher returns on their investment. We carefully selected some of the major crypto assets from a wide range of coins in the cryptocurrency market to ensure your investment portfolio yields the best returns.

Fixed Savings

Enjoy incredibly high returns

Enjoy high interest rates with the peace of mind knowing that you assets are insured by a trusted company.

High interest rates of up to 12% APY
Multiple duration ranging between 7, 14 and 30 days
Cabital app shows high return on Tether (USDT) Flexible Savings
Cabital app shows high return on Tether (USDT) Flexible Savings
Flexible Savings

Enjoy maximum flexibility

There are no restrictions. Deposit your funds, enjoy high interest yields on your crypto assets and withdraw anytime you wish.

Flexible staking
Redeem your funds anytime you want

Don’t settle for less

Saving your crypto assets with Cabital gives you amazing returns back that are far higher than what traditional banks offer.

Check out the difference when you invest €1,000 every month in the Cabital Earn Saving vs. Bank accounts*

A graph shows that Cabital Earn gives far higher than traditional bank in 4 years time frame

*Central European Union deposit interest rate: 0.25% as per April 2021

Why Cabital Earn?

By choosing Cabital Earn, you stand to enjoy several amazing benefits.

Daily interest

Your interest is accrued every single day. When you deposit funds with Cabital, you get higher returns on your savings.

No bank transfer fee

We don’t charge any fee on transfers to and from your bank account.

Easy sign-up

ID verification is hassle-free and our verification process is very simple and fast.

Asset value at a glance

Keep track of your crypto asset portfolio and invest whenever, wherever.

High return Flexible Savings and Fixed Savings on Bitcoin (BTC)

Easy steps to earn on Cabital

1. Create an account in 1 min

2. Top-up through SEPA transfer

3. Start earning up to 12% interest